Epuramat closes 8.3 million € Series B round

Luxembourg, 6 August 2012 – Cleantech company Epuramat today announced that it has closed the first tranche of a 8.3 Million € Series B Financing led by Bright Capital, a worldwide active Venture Capitalist. Funds from this investment round will strengthen Epuramat’s R&D emphasis with regard to its future growth segment oil-water separation. Current shareholders, the building materials producer Chaux de Contern (Luxembourg) and international cleantech Venture Capital Group I2BF Global Ventures keep their shares and will continue to support the continuous company growth of Epuramat.

Epuramat is a Luxembourg based company providing compact, energy-efficient and chemicals-free water and wastewater treatment solutions. Since the company’s foundation in 2005, Epuramat developed several applications in the field of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Top-seller and marketed in Europe and North America since 2010 is the Box4Water, a complete wastewater treatment plant in compact container format.

 “The additional funding enables Epuramat to accelerate the market introduction of our oil-water separation system,” said Epuramat CEO Bogdan Serban. “This segment has a huge market potential, considering the fact that with decreasing oil resources already closed oil fields are nowadays reactivated. These wells produce an oil-water mixture with a high water content that needs to be economically and environmental-friendly separated.”

Sulkhan Davitadze, Investment Director at Bright Capital, said: “Epuramat reached a stable market position in compact, high-end wastewater treatment systems within only eighteen months. We ascribe this development to an extraordinary product developed by a dedicated team. We see a large demand for the future oil-water separation system and are looking forward to supporting Epuramat in becoming a market leader in this segment.”

Epuramat plans to launch the oil-water separation system in the first quarter of 2013. Core component of the system is the patented ExSep®, a gravity fed solid-liquid separator developed by Epuramat co-founder Achim Kopmeier, requiring neither energy nor chemicals. The ExSep® is key feature of all Epuramat systems such as the containerized wastewater treatment plant Box4Water.

The current shareholders Chaux de Contern and I2BF Global Ventures keep their existing company shares and will further accompany Epuramat’s strategic development.

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