Epuramat releases new Box4Water with larger capacity

Luxembourg, 2 March 2012 – Water and wastewater specialist Epuramat today announced the release of a new version of its containerized wastewater treatment plant Box4Water. As a result of extensive R&D activities, Box4Water, the top-seller of Epuramat has been further compacted and increased in capacity. The new version treats 120m3sewage per day, which is equivalent to the amount of wastewater arising from 600 inhabitants. Epuramat already received first orders for the new system.  

The Luxembourgish cleantech company put high efforts into R&D to further increase the performance of its breakthrough technology. Box4Water, which has been initially marketed in 2010 and today belongs to the top-sellers of the company, is characterized by an energy-efficient and completely chemicals-free performance in a very compact design. With the latest R&D steps, Epuramat’s Box4Water is now capable to treat 120m3 of sewage per day, a capacity which is sufficient for 600 inhabitants.

“Our new Box4Water is a result of dedicated development and close customer relations. The positive response through immediate orders proves our concept of providing decentralized wastewater treatment solutions in compact design is thoughtful and attractive,” said Epuramat Sales and Marketing Director Dirk Martin. “This new development of a 120m3 per day Box4Water, the equivalent of 600 inhabitants, represents a milestone in our strategy to offer compact, turn-key solutions for larger scale applications,” adds Epuramat CEO Bogdan Serban.

As a matter of fact, the addressable market of the Box4Water significantly expands with its larger capacity. All over the world, mobile working sites with several hundred workers are wide spread. Site operators generate high savings by treating their wastewater on site where it is generated instead of transporting it over long distances to the next municipal wastewater treatment plant. The same applies for remote communities. Building kilometers of sewer and pumping stations is by far more expensive than a decentralized sewage treatment at low operating costs.

Besides the municipal wastewater treatment, Epuramat is also active in the industrial sector providing for example solutions for the re-use of industrial process water and the relief or existing, overloaded wastewater treatment plants. Focus of future research will be the finalization of marketability of Epuramat’s oil-water-separation system for use in oil-extraction, remediation works of polluted groundwater and oil spillages. Related tests and trial operations at an oil refinery in the USA will be conducted starting with this month.

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