Fisker To Establish New Technical Center In Preparation For Next Stage Of Atlantic Development

Fisker Automotive, the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended range (EVer™), today announced plans to establish a new Technical Center in the Midwest, with South Eastern Michigan as one of the potential locations – paving the way for ongoing development of its second model line, the Fisker Atlantic.

The new facility, currently planned to open in Spring 2013, will bring Fisker closer to key component suppliers and low-emission technical expertise at the heart of the American automotive industry. It will also be closer to Fisker’s intended production facility for the Atlantic in Delaware.

“This important step signals our commitment to bringing the Fisker Atlantic to market as soon as we can,” said Fisker Automotive, President and CEO, Tony Posawatz. “We will be bringing our own engineering footprint closer to our supplier base and the expertise and professional workforce that have driven the American automotive industry for more than a century.”

The company previously had a technical center in Pontiac, Michigan, from Fall 2008 through Spring 2010 as final development and engineering was completed on the company’s award-winning first car, the Fisker Karma sedan.

“We brought the Fisker Karma to market in record time with the help of our previous Michigan Technical facility, and now is the time to open up a permanent Technical Center to support the final Atlantic development,” said Fisker Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Henrik Fisker.

“Fisker is an innovative high-tech and design-led company with our roots firmly in California. Our Global headquarters, together with design and advanced engineering, will remain in Anaheim, but with this latest move we will benefit by having the best of both worlds,” added Posawatz.

The Fisker Atlantic design prototype, first revealed in April 2012, is a luxury four-door sports sedan with a practical interior. It is aimed at young families who want to drive a practical, low-emission, vehicle that also combines design flare, sports performance and premium engineering.

The Atlantic will use the latest second generation EVer™ (Electric Vehicle with extended range) technology. It will offer all the benefits of electric drive while at the same time eliminating the “range anxiety” experienced with an all-electric powertrain. A significant amount of the components for the car have already been designed and the new Technical Center will spearhead final product development, component readiness and production launch.

Fisker Automotive is currently in the process of evaluating different locations in the Midwest area and intends to announce further details of the Technical Center’s final location and expected staffing levels early in the New Year.

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