Bowman Power and Enerwhere announce Middle East Partnership

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Bowman Power and Enerwhere are delighted to announce that they have signed an agreement for Enerwhere to sell, distribute and support Bowman’s unique exhaust heat recovery technology in the Middle East and selected territories across Africa and Central Asia. Bowman’s technology works by recovering waste heat and pressure from the exhaust of large diesel generators, and turning it into additional electricity. The net effect is a reduction in fuel consumption of 6-9%, depending on the engine type and operating conditions. An illustrated explanation of the technology can be found in this video.

The agreement was signed today at the Middle East Electricity Conference by Dr. Toby King, CEO of Bowman Power, and Daniel Zywietz, founder of Enerwhere and Managing Director at Ambata Capital Middle East.

Dr. King commented: “We are delighted to be working with Enerwhere and Ambata in such an important market. We believe their extensive experience and contacts in the region will further enhance Bowman’s rapid growth. Enerwhere has already identified a number of potential strategic customers in the region and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

Mr. Zywietz added: “We are glad to be working with Bowman whose product line offers unique benefits centred on energy efficiency. Bowman’s technology complements our solar solutions and allows us to reduce fuel consumption in our off-grid solutions by a further 6-9% for conventional diesel generators. This is very significant for such a mature technology and contributes to fuel savings of up to 30% for a complete solar-diesel hybrid solution.”

“Particularly customers in Dubai and Jordan are seeking more efficient solutions” Mr. Zywietz explained, as diesel prices have risen significantly recently due to the removal of fuel subsidies. Afghanistan, Yemen, and many African countries also have either high prices or limited diesel supplies, making fuel saving technology attractive to users. “A typical 1 MW generator running Bowman’s technology can save over a hundred thousand dollars of fuel per year. At this scale we are already seeing significant demand from customers” Dr. King added.

This is Bowman’s second distribution partnership following on from its successful collaboration with KPS in Australia. KPS has agreed to purchase over 100 Bowman turbogenerator systems for use in its power plants, predominantly in the mining sector. Several hundred additional systems are already in operation in Europe in biomass energy applications.


About Enerwhere

Enerwhere is a specialist provider of commercial scale off-grid energy solutions, which use a combination of solar energy and other efficiency measures to reduce the customers’ dependency on costly diesel fuel. Enerwhere’s systems are optimized for use in locations where there is no access to the electricity grid, as often found in the in the mining, construction and oil & gas industries, as well as in military and aid / disaster recovery operations.

About Ambata Capital Partners

Ambata is a global investment and advisory firm specializing in clean energy and sustainability, with a strategic focus on the Middle East and Africa. Led by Michael Philipp, former Chair and CEO of Credit Suisse for Europe, Middle East and Africa and Global Head of Asset Management at Deutsche Bank, the Ambata team consists of a world-class team of professionals in research, advisory, investments, structuring and distribution, based in the US and the UAE. Ambata is a shareholder in Enerwhere, as well as several other early- and growth stage clean technology ventures focusing on the growing markets of the Middle East and Africa.


For more information please contact:

Emeline Platel, Enerwhere, +971 4 431 8988,

Ewa Miarka, Bowman Power, +44 2380 352579,

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